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Temecula Valley High School

  • Nighttime outdoor view of illuminated Temecula Valley High School
  • Work area with student studying at a table at Temecula Valley High School
  • Science classroom full of students at Temecula Valley High School
  • Kitchen and cafeteria at Temecula Valley High School
  • Indoor and outdoor eating area at Temecula Valley High School

In association with MGPA, HY Architects designed a new 36,000 SF, two-story classroom building and a new Career & Technical Education (CTE) Culinary Arts Building as part of an expansion of the Temecula Valley High School campus. The classroom facilities include eight science classrooms with four chemistry and four biology labs, lecture and work areas, a large central staff prep area, and twelve standard classrooms. The new building helps consolidate the science program, previously scattered across portables throughout campus, into one location. Along with the CTE, the new facilities establish a central quad on campus for students to enjoy.

The classroom building’s design provides dynamic learning opportunities with circulation space between traditional classrooms configured as an oversized “street”, offering collaborative workspace, learning on display through corridor windows, and small breakout spaces. The CTE spaces include a commercial teaching kitchen and roll-up doors that connect to the central quad for special events.