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Korematsu Middle School

  • Night time outdoor view of illuminated Korematsu Middle School
  • Computer lab space at Korematsu School
  • Library and computer space at Korematsu School
  • Large auditorium space with tables and chairs at Korematsu School
  • Outdoor space with stairs and students at Korematsu School
  • Gym at Korematsu School

Korematsu Middle School converts what was once an elementary school into a compact and efficient middle school, with the addition of several buildings and the substantial reconstruction of the existing main classroom wing. The project site required a sensitive design response to many conflicting demands including maintaining scenic vistas, respecting an adjacent public use park, addressing student arrival and traffic issues, and providing new, state-of-the-art, flexible educational facilities.

The design includes numerous flexible learning environments including a math and science wing that supports the STEAM learning concepts/process and two ROP lab learning spaces. Additionally, a fully functioning library includes interactive media and flexible teaching areas. The multi-purpose room not only accommodates the food service needs of the campus but converts into a state-of-the-art performance venue. The new gymnasium, dance studio, and sports fields allow for joint-use flexibility with the community and surrounding neighborhoods.