Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.


West Contra Costa Unified School District


El Cerrito, CA

Korematsu Middle School

Korematsu Middle School underwent a significant renovation and expansion that transformed an elementary school into a modern and efficient middle school. This included repurposing existing facilities and designing new buildings to accommodate the specific needs of middle school students. The main classroom wing of the existing school was substantially reconstructed to modernize the existing building and create 21st-century learning spaces.

The project site required a sensitive design response to preserve scenic views in the surrounding area and respect the adjacent public park. The design addressed student arrival and traffic issues to improve safety concerns and traffic flow and included flexible learning environments to support various teaching and learning styles including specialized spaces for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education and ROP (Regional Occupational Program) labs. The project also included the creation of a fully functioning library with interactive media and flexible teaching areas.

The multipurpose room (MPR) serves various functions, including food service and a state-of-the-art performance venue. It is equipped with advanced technology, including stage lighting, projection, and sound systems, making it suitable for various events. The acoustic design of the MPR is well thought out, with sound baffles and sound-reflecting clouds to ensure optimal acoustic conditions for performances. Adjacent to the music and performing arts classrooms, the multipurpose room makes it convenient for students to access and utilize the space for their activities.

The design allows for joint use of facilities, fostering flexibility and encouraging community and neighborhood integration within the school. HY Architects designed a modern and versatile educational facility that not only meets the needs of the students but also considers the broader community and environmental factors.