Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.


Winters Healthcare Foundation


Winters, CA

Community Health Center

Winters Healthcare has been providing administrative, primary care clinic, and dental clinic services from three separate leased spaces along Main Street in Winters. However, with the growing need for expansion and integrated patient care services, Winters Healthcare acquired a 1.1-acre lot to develop a new 16,000 SF clinic. HY Architects assisted in evaluating potential sites for co-locating administration and clinic services into one new facility. The project, which included a $1 million HRSA HIIP grant to support the project development, was completed in December 2019. 

The new clinic boasts of several new features, including flex/exam rooms, procedure rooms, reception areas, benefits offices, group rooms, dental operatories, and a blood draw lab. The integration of all the services in one facility will greatly improve the quality of care provided to patients.