Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.


Kaiser Permanente


Sacramento, CA

Central Utility Plant – Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center

HY Architects has played a crucial role in designing and planning various infrastructure-related projects for Kaiser Health Care Campuses in Northern California including central utility plants, parking structures and parking lots, and infrastructure design and upgrades to existing sites. HY Architects has designed a new 21,000 SF Central Utility Plant (CUP), a new basement, and a new air handler unit (AHU) within a new mechanical building for the 1960’s era Flats Hospital building, among other projects.

A notable feature of the project is the auxiliary parking facility that includes both a vehicular and pedestrian bridge connecting the CUP to the Long-Term Care Facility. The pedestrian/utility bridge that will be used to convey emergency and normal utilities from the new Central Utility Plant to the Camillia Hospital Building. Additionally, the project includes 1,000 SF of photovoltaic panels to support the lighting configuration of the CUP. While the project did not undergo DSA approval, it was required to be submitted to OSHPD approval, which is a more stringent process than DSA.