Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.


Martinez Unified School District


Martinez, CA

Alhambra High School

Completed by HY Architects, the first phase of work at Alhambra High School involved a new classroom building addition and several modernization projects throughout the campus. The new 13,000 SF modular building included various specialized classrooms, such as a computer science classroom, special education classroom, life skills classroom, special education life skills classroom for ages 18-22 years old, a leadership classroom for Career and Technical Education (CTE) program, and two elective classrooms. Key features include breakout spaces and a common area for student collaboration and meetings before, during, and after school.

Completed in three phases, the modernization projects included the conversion of an existing metal shop into a new CAD/Drafting Skills Lab, the transformation of existing space to accommodate a new digital arts and digital photography program, the modernization of existing classrooms, and the design and construction of a new science/lab classroom.

The modernization projects updated and improved various areas of the school to support modern teaching methods and provide students with updated facilities and resources, including flexible furniture and adaptable spaces to create dynamic and accommodating learning environments for students and teachers.