Architecture is both the need and the desire for place.  Place is defined by the walls, the light and the nature of a room or building.  In our practice we work collaboratively with many diverse groups to achieve our clients’ visions of place.  For some this is a utilitarian function.  A facility that simply fulfills the immediate need.  For others there is a vision of illuminating the mind and expanding horizons.  They need places of learning, of living or of healing.


    We see our role as the guide who will help develop the vision for our client.  Someone who will define the place in order that it becomes a reality.


    Hibser Yamauchi Architects was founded in 1977, by Arthur Tam, under the name of Arthur Tam & Associates, Inc.  The first office was in the Mandarin Towers in San Francisco Chinatown.  From there, the firm moved to various other locations within San Francisco before relocating across the bay to Emeryville after the 1989 earthquake.  In 1998 the office outgrew the Emeryville space and relocated to Oakland, where our main office still resides.


    The initial focus of the firm’s work was in healthcare and commercial facilities.  By 1987, we had expanded our portfolio to specialize in educational facilities.  Since then, we have delved into other areas of expertise including housing, public and institutional facilities, and interior design.  Our motto is to provide excellent facilities and customer service, which accounts for the many continued relationships with our clients.


    In 2001, Arthur Tam moved into semi-retirement and was succeeded by Marcus Hibser who had been with the firm since 1995.  In 2002, Ken Yamauchi moved to Davis, California and opened our second office, which quickly flourished.  A third office was then opened in Playa Del Rey under the leadership of John Egan, who, with Marcus and Ken form the Board of Directors.  Arthur fully retired in 2003 and in 2005, Ken joined Marcus as a partner of the firm.  In October 2006, the name of the firm was formally changed to Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.




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